Strong Point Training Institute in Dubai is conducting NATA classes in association with House of Architects. The National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) is a qualifying examination conducted by the National Institute of Advanced Studies in Architecture (NIASA), which is a body of the Council of Architecture in India for architecture students.

Best NATA Training Institute in Dubai.

It is mandatory to have NATA score for joining B.Arch. course in any college in India. Exam Preparation Training Course for NATA offered by Strong Point Training Institute will help you to achieve high scores in NATA exam.

NATA is a useful examination that measures the aptitude of the applicant for a specific field of study, i.e. architecture. The test also measures drawing and observation skills, sense of proportion, aesthetic sensitivity and critical thinking ability that have been acquired over a long period of time, and that is related to the specific field of study, i.e, architecture.

Learning Outcome Of NATA Exam Preparation Course

After successful completion NATA Exam Preparation Training Course, students will be able to crack the NATA Exam successfully.

It is mandatory qualifying this exam for the admission to 5 years Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) across India in all the architecture colleges.

Who Needs The NATA Exam Preparation Course?

Anybody who want to join for B.Arch. Course (5 Year- Bachelor of Architecture) in any college in India needs the exam preparation course.

Detailed Course Content

- Introducing the Pencil Number line + stationary Access.
- Color concept + Color Theory.
- Color Palate + Character of warm, cool, fresh, meditative colors.
- Architectural Awareness.
- Introduction: of basic theory in Architecture/Primary Shapes/primary Solids.
- 2D compositions.
- Architectural Awareness, architectural terminology.
- Elements of Design: Lines, Form, Mass, Solid etc.
- Principle of Design, Harmony, Balance, etc.
- Sketching of 2D object, 3D Objects, animals, flowers, furniture’s, rooms + spaces, themes.
- Visualizing different sides of Three Dimensional objects (surfaces, edges and vertex).
- Generation of plan, elevations and 3D views of objects.
- Shade + shadow techniques of sketch, proportions in drawing.
- Historical and contemporary buildings of Architectural.
- Mathematical reasoning.
- Development of 3 Dimensional objects from two-dimensional shapes or vice versa.
- Still life: Object Sketching.
- Architects and their Works with Image Bank.
- Perspective Drawing.
- Mathematical reasoning.
- Logo design: Principal and theory.
- Rendering & Beautifying your sketch, Advanced theme based and scenic drawings.


Practice Sessions In NATA Exam Preparation Course:


- Coloring sessions.
- Drawing Assignments.
- Object Practices.
- Mock Tests.
- NATA 2019 and previous years question paper analysis.
- NATA Result analysis of previous years.

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