A CNA’s workload can become intense and fast-paced, but the human contact and ability to help those in medical need is a strong motivating factor. A desire to help people and compassion for patients can help a nurse’s assistant get through difficult days. Strong Point Training Institute in Dubai aims to provide the best CNA course in Dubai.

CNA – Certified Nursing Assistant course in Dubai will lead to an international certification which is accredited globally and accepted worldwide.

Nursing assistants fulfill basic quality-of-life needs for patients of any age in residential nursing care facilities or outpatient clinics. Since nursing assistants have daily contact with patients, they are gatherers of vital information about the patients’ conditions, which they must then transmit to their supervisors.

Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) have a variety of responsibilities in the medical field, including performing administrative duties, completing basic clinical procedures, transporting patients, and providing assistance to nurses and other healthcare professionals. This occupation can be physically demanding, with standing for many hours and occasionally lifting or moving patients who require assistance.

CNA’s serve as the RNs or LPNs eyes and ears, and relays information between many patients and nurses. CNA’s are typically responsible for the general care of their patients. Duties will vary, depending on the specific needs of the patient. The most common responsibilities are taking and recording vital signs such as heart rate and blood pressure; assisting them to andfrom their bed or chair as needed; and helping them with feeding and personal hygiene. CNA’s may also assist doctors or nurses during medical procedures. CNA – Certified Nursing Assistant training in Dubai will lead to a globally recognized and accredited certification.

Other job duties may include


1. Adjust positions of patients on beds or tables.
2. Assess physical conditions of patients to aid in diagnosis or treatment.
3. Operate medical equipment.
4. Apply bandages, dressings, or splints.
5. Move patients to or from treatment areas.
6. Prepare medical instruments or equipment for use.
7. Transport biological or other medical materials.
8. Explain technical medical information to patients.

Course Outline


1. Introduction to the world of CNA – Certified Nursing Assistant course.
2. CNA Roles and Responsibilities.
3. Anatomy and Physiology.
4. Adult Patient Care.
5. Advanced Principles of Patient Hygiene.
6. Environmental Health and Practical Nursing.
7. Practical Nursing.
8. Health and Safety training for Healthcare Professionals.
9. Positioning and Ambulating the Adult Patient.
10. Active and Passive Range of Motion Exercise.
11. Diet Therapy.
12. The Physical Examination.
13. Specimen Collection.
14. Vital Signs.
15. Measuring the Vital Signs.
16. The Physical Assessment.
17. Infection Control.
18. Rest and Sleep for Nurses.



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